Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How I spent my Thanksgiving weekend...

Well, like most folks on Thanksgiving, we all feasted on turkey and all the fixin's. Timm deepfried a turkey, that's my dad carving the tasty bird. We had planned to eat outside but had rain. Some of us ate outside anyway. Lots of bodies, and oven going, and my mom hates to be cold...outside was just right. :)

Chris is my gravy mash potato and gravy boy. Notice that half his plate is potatoes...and the gravy lake has to be just right. Scott and Christy take a more balanced approach, although Scott is my stuffing kid. He was freaking out that I wasn't making the stuffing. Gosh wasn't 10 pounds of mashed potatoes enough. I promised him stuffing for a later date.
Friday morning we hit the road at 5:30am to go camping and ATV riding near Tecopa, CA. Stopped at Bass Pro to pick up some jeans, well 8 pair of jeans...what a zoo. I got what I needed and got out of there. We met up with a group of friends for the weekend and had a wonderful time. We tend to camp in the middle of nowhere so we can explore and ride. Only covered about 80-90 miles this time but had lots of fun exploring old mines, mining ruins and more. We even took a night ride to an overlook where we could see Dumont was lit up like Vegas! There must of been 20,000 people there. I just don't see the facination in the dunes in the first place. People are all crowded together, it's noisy, most of the tend to do lots of drinking, heck...they have Flight for Life posted there on holiday weekends. It's just not for me.
The stars were just fabulous out there and so bright! Coyotes were yipping and calling at night and some came very close to camp. We even enjoyed shakes and fresh baked breads and muffins at the China Ranch Date Farm.
Well, that was my weekend, hope yours was just as enjoyable for you no matter how you spent it.


Miss Rhea said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your blog one day. And we are Local !! I didn't know there were craft shows here locally other than Cashman, very cool, I might join one someday :) You do very sweet work :) Happy weekend !!


Crystal Martin said...

Thanks! There still are quite a few shows around here, most are smaller though. Hope to meet up with you sometime.


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