Sunday, November 23, 2008

Show Season Is Over For Me

Well, my craft show season is finally over...I'm glad and sad at the same time. My last show was a home boutique so I didn't even need to work the whole event. I'm burnout but still feel the need to create so I will focus my attention on the house. I would like to make a valance or something for the kitchen and dining room I think I will make a curtain for the laundry also. If I could find more drapes like the ones in the living room I would make ones for the kitchen so it all matches. Will need to hit up some more Targets I guess, but I think they discontued the style. I can also work on my craft room, it's still naked.
Friday, I gathered stuff for a yard sale. I pretty much cleaned out one of the sheds. Now I know I have lots of crap but when you actually start gathering it up....YIKES...I don't what else to say. So I set it up, pulled out about a billion suitcases that I was going to paint on, along with a hundred other things like wood bowls, coffe pot or two, glass jars witht he clamp on them, and more. Well, I made $7 dollars, called it early so I could set all that stuff to the curb so the trash guys could haul it away. All they took were the trashcans...they left everything else! GRRRRR! So folks have been pulling up taking things away a little at a time. Thankfully, no one has made a mess...yet. Yard sales are not my thing I guess.
I need to take the last of my stuff to the store. I ignored it for too long. I think I will mark it all down so I don't have to store too much of it.
All the kids were here for dinner tonight. It was nice to have us all together, haven't seen Scott and Christy for a while. Their new pup, Zoe is getting huge. They said she weighs 36 pounds now. Her but wiggle so much when she wags her tail she slaps herself with it.

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