Friday, November 14, 2008

Great day at the Show & Tell Crafters Market!

Well, today was the first day of the Show & Tell Crafters Market...Whew!...Glad we got that one under our belt. Rochelle and I have been there since Tuesday prepping and getting set up. The property managment person we've been working with forgot to order power and we barely got it up and running before the show started. Lots of prayers last night for that one. Crowds today were excellent and we had a mad rush for about 2 hours...Awesome! Almost all the gals brought their 'A' game, we still have a few newbys though. The booths look awesome. Be sure to check the Show & Tell blog for pictures of the show at

Here is on of me in my booth...enjoy...I really don't like my photo taken. Thanks goes out to all the vendors for making their booths look great and we pray for a great show. I'll keep you updated.
P.S. My camera was found...obviously.

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