Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Successful Art in the Park

This year was a great year for us at Art in the Park.  Our booth was full of shoppers from early morning till we closed up each night.  There were happy shoppers everywhere you looked.  At times you couldn't even move I think.  It's what crafters dream of for their shows. 
This is part of our Christmas display.  It took up a third of our space.  Large items sold very well.  Lighted posts, ice skates, countdown blocks and painted screens were the best sellers.
Fall was an area stuffed full of lighted posts, pumpkins and more.   Sold all but one fall door.  It's funny how things sell in streaks.  Several people would purchase the same items right behind each other. 
We had a section for baby/children.  Autumn's bows always do very well.  As it got chilly on Sunday blankets sold well when people bought them to cover up babies in strollers.
We set up an everyday area out in front of the booth.  Even with a double space we were packed to the brim.  We were so please with the outcome of the event.  Despite the rain on Friday during set up, we got it all done.  Saturday was pretty humid (especially for us dry, desert people).  Sunday cooled off quite a bit, it rained some more, and shoppers were still smiling and enjoying themselves.  I love our space, it's protected from the wind, has shade, and space behind the booth.  I've already put in for the same space for next year.   Thanks to everyone who shopped with us, gave us words of encouragement, and more.  We appreaciate each and everyone of you!

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Vicky said...

What an AMAZING inventory! I'm so glad the show went well and people were loosening their purse strings. I cancelled my show here in Florida for hopes of a better one next year. Your show is encouraging :)


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