Monday, October 11, 2010

Next stop...Reno

Yup, that's right...the next stop on the Twiddlebugz tour 2010 will be in Reno at McQueen High School October 15-17.  We leave about 3:30am from Las Vegas and head out across the great, empty vastness known as the Nevada is a long uneventful drive with just a few towns to break up the view that never seems to change.  We'll hit Tonopah about sunrise and reach Reno in time for lunch.  After that, we'll set up at 1pm, the show opens at 5pm on Friday and runs through Sunday afternoon.  Timm is going with me this year.  This is a huge step for him and I'm glad he's coming.  I just hope he survives the trip.  He is bringing the propane smoker and ribs to cook for his brother's family while we're there.  He's looking forward to spending time with his brother, that's for sure. Come out to see me and lots of other creative and talented crafters at this event.

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Vicky said...

Good luck with the show!


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