Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Painting on Tin Tips

This morning Patricia at Creative Arts Lifestyle shared a great bunch of tips in her email and said we could share with, here you go my friends. 

Have you had these problems painting tin?
• Rusty Surface?
• What to Prime with?
• Chipped and Peeling Paint?
• Uneven Paint application?
• How to protect from chipping after it's finished?

Patricia Rawlinson has donned her Super-Painter Friend Cape
and will attempt to help you rescue your Tin prep in 5 easy steps!
(Dun Dun dun!) (Dramatic Music) ( I love doing that!)
Let's take a look at each of these one by one:

1: Rusty Surfaces:
Rust is a live substance, and will spread if not dealt with. Use Naval Jelly according to manufacturers directions.  This will deal with the rust. Then wash, DRY, sand, wipe of dust and Prime.

2. What to prime with?
Wipe on a coat of Multi-Surface Primer with a Varnish Sponge.
I use Deco Art (A girl after my own heart), but just remember to stay with in your brands to prevent complications.

3. Chipped and peeling Paint?
Mix some Multi-Purpose Sealer into your base coat - this helps the paint adhere.
And ALWAYS apply more than one basecoat.  If paint chips it chips in layers.

4. Uneven Basecoat application?
Using a spongy applicator is key here. 
I like to wipe on my tin basecoats with a Varnish Sponge or Foam Roller, not sure why but using a brush to apply a basecoat on Tin always leaves streaks.

5. To protect a piece of painted tin after it is painted, apply several coats of Varnish, and follow with a coat of Wax when the varnish is good and dry. Works like a Champ!

Well Super Painting Friends, Our work here is done,
(this must be read in a deep theatrical voice) (wink)

Always feel free to pass these tips along to other SUPER Painting Friends in need!

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