Friday, September 3, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Before you say it...I know I missed last week.  This dang computer of mine is dying a painful, prolonged death that is beyond frustrating to me at this point.  I did back up my files so if it should take the final plunge at least I will still have my pictures, files, etc.  I would totally freak out if I lost all that stuff.

I did make a lot of progress between the last 2 weeks.  I painted up a dozen skates.  I really like them and they are always a good seller for me. 
Can I justsay how much I like this roller skate.  I'd paint a ton of them if I could just find them.  If you have a pair or find any...please send them my way...pretty please.
Honestly, I can't remember I you've had a chance to see these yet.  There are ghosts and Frankies too.  I think I need pumpkins and bats to go with them, don't you.
Some cupboard doors have also been on the table.  A couple of snowmen ones are always a favorite.  I also completed one with a scarecrow and pumpkins that turned out awesome if I say so myself.  It's inspired by Barb Jones.  Love her new book by the way.  Camera ia charging or I'd have a picture of it for you.  Also framed up a dozen screen paintings.  I've had the dangest time finding 8x10 frames.  I have to tell you I purchased 8 1/2x11's because I didn't measure stupid. 
In Wednesday's post I told you about the sign painting I did this week for a diner in Boulder City...check it out please.  That was a project I don't really want to repeat in the summer sun anytime soon. 
Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.  We'll be heading out to Mesquite, NV to the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ Competition.  Sadly, we are not in it this year so we'll be there helping out and supporting new BBQ friends we've made this year.  I'll report on it if you'd like to read about it on my Trailhound Smokers BBQ blog. (There's a link on this blog for you). 

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Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

I just love it all! Skates are really fun to paint! I"ve never found roller skates though....


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