Thursday, September 2, 2010

The New Southwest Diner Sign

This week I spent 2 long, long, long days in Boulder City repainting the sign for the Southwest Diner. Can I tell you its much taller than it looks.  Fortunately, Monday's weather worked with me for a pleasant day of 90 degrees and slight breeze.  I'm so thankful for that since I spent 11 hours crawling around on scaffolding.  I repainted all the red, taped off, and repainted the white 'restaurant' lettering, and removed the old neon tubing that didn't work anymore on  Monday.  A boom lift was ordered and I went back out on Wednesday to finish the sign.   It was hot on Wednesday and barely a breeze...and after two full days in the sun I have the burn to prove it.  I'm thankful for the boom lift, it let me work at any height I needed to.  I felt much safer as well with a cage around me.   I had precut letters at home so I traced them onto the sign and began the masking off process.  It seems like the longest part.  Several coats of paint were layed down, tape was removed and I outlined the lettering and added a little detail to fill and 'cute it up' a little (according to Cindy).  Now the sign looks great from both sides, it's nice, bright and refreshed...and way better than the old banner they had attached to the sign.  Both the owner and I are very pleased with the way it turned out.  P.S.  I suggested vinyl lettering for the lit sign with address underneath.  It will be a cleaner look when it's backlit.

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