Friday, September 24, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Another Friday rolls around again...I'm telling you I think there are some days missing in between them.  Well, at least it seems that way right now.  I've been to several doctor's appts recently, how I just love the annual boob squishing (I know its necessary though).  An endocrinology appointment showed improvement. Tuesday, I had a spot on my face frozen, it should be looking "lovely" just in time for my first craft show of the season.  Seriously, as nice as the doctor was I don't think he could have been any younger and still be a specialist.  Guess that means I am realizing my own age. Anywho, right now I don't think I could cover that thing with wall spackling to hide it.  P.S.  I stayed home all day.
I pulled my craft trailer up to the patio and gutted it this week.  I've needed to clean, sort, discard and donate to make room for new product I've got this year.  It's still not a completed project, but its close.  Thank goodness I don't live in Seattle or somewhere else it rains all the time...although I would truly enjoy the greener scenery.
I have completed lots of tagging of items, a couple of doors, some more screen paintings, and a few more things.  I really like this pumpkin one.  I still need to sand the edges of the frame. 
Detail isn't very good, I took it with my phone...but you get the jest of it anyway. 
Final prepartations for Art in the Park are being completed.  I enjoyed lunch with Diane yesterday, we went over lots of details, booth layout and more.  I am feeling pretty good about it this year.  If you're in the southern Nevada area (or anywhere close by) I encourage you to make the trek to Boulder City next weekend.  It's one of the best outdoor shows in the west.  I hope to see you there.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Yeah most doctors are younger than me too! EEEK! Hating that. Hope your ok. I love that pumpkin and so wish I lived closer to come to the show. Wishing you great success this craft show year. God bless. Cathy

Crystal Martin said...

Thanks Cathy for the good wishes. Yeah, I am not liking this idea that the doctors are getting younger than I am. I am totally loving the pumpkins. I did some of screens as well.

Vicky said...

Ooooh, I think the pumpkins are just gorgeous and I agree on the 'doctor thing'. Sheesh, do they start college while still in diapers??!!


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