Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art in the Park

It was a breezy (okay windy at times...okay, most of the time) at Art in the Park this year.  Fortunately I was placed where I had asked to be and was next to the building, which blocked much of the wind for us.  We suffered no damage.  At least it wasn't a hundred degrees like it was last week.  With all that's happened in the last year, I shared my booth with a couple of friends...nothing worse than an half empty booth.  It made the days fly by and was good to be able to share and visit with them over the weekend. 
I see customers and friends here that seems I only get to see here.  Sad, I is so busy for us all.  Thank you to all of you for shopping, saying hi, visiting and more.  I appreciate all of you.  And thank you to all my new customers and friends too, I look forward to working with you.  I have to say, it was really cool when one customer said she had been purchasing cookie jar lids from me when I was at the Quilted Bear, and that she has continued to shop with me every year at shows.  Talk about a loyal customer...that's awesome!!!!!  That was a long time ago. 

Despite the economy, I was pleased with sales and people were out shopping and happy.  Retail therapy is a good thing.  I look forward to a good craft show season.  Some wind has been put back in my pun intended.  So I guess I'd better get back to work.

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