Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Time At Duck Creek Days

We had great weather again this year at Duck Creek. I love the why do I live in the desert?! To truly appreciate the mountains, that's my answer. My youngest son, Chris and I left Thursday for Duck Creek Days. He helped me set up, hung out with mom for a while, explored for a while and came back to the cabin for the evening. We were blessed to stay with friends for the weekend and truly appreciated their hopsitality and generousity...thanks Mike and Cyndy. Sales were slower than last year, but there were good crowds. Everyone is so happy and friendly when they got good, clean air in them. Chris' friends came up early Saturday morning so he hung out with them at camp for the rest of the weekend. They all came by to visit, met Samantha's family and friends. Chris was back at the end of the show to help tear down, took me back to the cabins, and went back to camp with friends. Sunday was a nice slow day...I fed the squirrels, watched the dear, and relaxed before heading home. Good weekend...only thing that could have made it better was to have Timm and Cassy there too...maybe next time.

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