Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

So when did I get so old that my baby turned 22? That's right, Chris is 22 today. It all went by so fast. He is an awesome young man that I am so proud of.

We've been through the whole Scouting program...Tigers to Eagle Scout, and even some Venturing. I was his den leader all through Cub Scouts and Dad was his Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts. He was a great Senior Patrol Leader and enjoyed 2 summers staffing at Del Webb High Adventure Camp. In fact, one summer he ran the aquatics program at Kolob Reservoir (all by himself). Is there a better way to spend the summer? I think not.

Chris is a streak of lightening on his sport quad...literally. He was flying (yes, flying) past Curtis and a few others, hit the soft shoulder on the gravel road and kept going. He is one speedy rider on that Outlaw and loves it. As a mom I wish he were a little more cautious but that's what these guys like to do.

Chris has high goals of becoming a Metro police officer and I know he will make a fine officer one day. I've finally gotten over the whole scared thing about it. He is goal is to be on SWAT. He'd make a damn good sniper...he's a dang good shooter.

Chris has this fetch-obsessed dog, Shelby. She is a sweetheart of a dog Chris saved from a friend that could no longer keep her. She and our dog, Cassy are bestest buds. Pretty much where one is, so is the other.

Chris, my baby boy, we wish you a Happy Birthday! We are so proud of you and the fine young man you turned out to be. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it. We love you! Mom & Dad

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