Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassy!

Our furry little girl turned 3 on Saturday. What joy she has brought into our lives. Cassy is just the sweetest dog, happy, and loving. She is mine during the day, but when daddy comes home...I am second fiddle to him. I think that is her favorite part of the day...really! They have a whole routine they have to follow. Playing with Dad is her favorite pastime.

Cassy loves to get out with us to camp and explore. She travels really well, thankfully. She's quite the favorite on DAT campouts. Riding the ATVs are her favorite, Timm even built her a little platform so she'd be more stable. Most of the time she rides with Timm, while I travel behind works better that way, she likes to turn around and see me there. She needs some doggles though.

She likes to play in the creeks, streams and lakes...not a pool. Cassy also loves the snow, she likes to run along and push her shoulder into it and roll around in's really cute to watch.

Our newest family portrait...since the kids moved out.
And here we ALL are. This was not an easy shot to get by the way.
Mom, Dad, Chris, Christy, Scott
Zoey (Happy B-Day, she turned 1 yesterday), Cassy, Shelby, and Roxy
(Christmas 2008)


Anonymous said...

That was very nice to do for our little girl.
She really is a sweet girl and yes when I come mom is chopped liver to Cassy.
Thank you for doing this for our girl.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

What a sweet dog you have. They are so wonderful and loving. Your doggy seems so sweet. My dad's dog went everywhere with him. To the store, sat out infront of the bathroom, post office you name it. It's amazing how they inrich our lives. An amazing shot of your wonderful family. God bless, Cathy


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