Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Tree Hunt

Sunday we set out for the annual 'Christmas Tree Hunt'. We only went for the day this year. We used to go for the whole weekend, camp out, explore, and more. Timing just isn't what it used to be, the kids are grown and have their own activities and schedules as does the rest of my family. Normally, my parents, one of my sisters, my brother, and their families all go with us, and sometimes my aunt and her family as well.

This year we went to Utah for our trees, normally we go up around Caliente and Pioche, NV. But now I need a skinnier tree for the new off to Utah we go. I never complain about having to go to Utah, I just love it there. Most places were closed but there was not time to shop anyway. The boys got their wishes...snow. The dogs had a blast romping around in it, making snow angels, and more. We got some beautiful trees, had a wonderful time spending the day together, took some family photos for the Christmas cards, and ate out one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Cedar before heading home. If you'd like to more details diary of our adventure, check out my other blog:
This trip was what I needed this week. Earlier in the week my mom had surgery to remove some kidney stones, doing fine now though. Friday we lost one our dogs, Rosco. He was a unique, awesome dog. Rosco will really be missed around here, he had quite a fan club.


Mary-Berth said...

I am so, so sorry about your dog. I know it is like losing a family member.

bow mom said...

Glad you made happy memories. Looks like you had great fun. Sorry about your doggie as well.


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