Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Well wishes of a Merry Christmas to everyone!

What a day, I love it but I am so glad it has come to a close. There is so much to do and so many to spend time with that it can just be exhausting. We hosted Christmas Eve for my family. Timm smoked a brisket, Mom made sausage balls, I made mashed potatoes, etc. It went well and all had a great time. We even had a fire blazing in the fireplace. I was planning on just preparing for dinner but I ended up making my last deliveries to the office and an order to Boulder City. Cassy made deliveries with me and wore a holiday bow of pretty ribbons on her collar. We spent 2 hours frying up side pork (outside...brrrrr) for Christmas morning too.

Christmas morning is spent with the Martin side of the family. They do a Christmas breakfast. Timm's mom used to make the side pork and gravy, now it is a job that I have taken on. This is our first Christmas with out her and we all really miss her. Another task I have assumed is cinnamon rolls. (Maybe it's the house...or because I spent so much time with her...or maybe it's because...who knows) Mom made the best rolls. I invited Trish to make them with me so we spent Monday at her house (she has a bigger oven) and we baked all day. We had cinnamon rolls coming out of our ears...but made some great memories too. I enjoyed baking with someone instead of just by myself (Ipromise I will show you what I've been up to in a new post)

Anyway, breakfast was delicious...too much food as always. Time is spent sharing with family, and just a small gift exchange (even though there wasn't supposed to be one).

My sister, Carolyn hosted dinner today. Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and the rest of the spread...yummy. I swear I don't have to eat for a week. Only kidding...there are cinnamon rolls in the freezer. Her mother-in-law lives with them and she cooked up a storm for the big day. There was dessert too but I had to pass.

On a new note, we went to the movies tonight. I've never been on Christmas Day however, 'Marley and Me' was calling our name so Timm and I took our kids to see it. What a great movie, I highly reccomend it, just bring some tissues.

Well that was the last 24 hours or so. Oh, it rained today too. I am so greatful for rain but don't really like it when it has wind and cold temperatures behind it. But hey, we will take it when we can get it around here. Tomorrow, no alarm, I want to sleep late, I swear I'm not cooking anything, maybe just curl up under the blanket and watch the fire. Oh yeah, I promise to catch up on my posting tomorrow for ya.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you. May you take in and realize the true meaning of the season.

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