Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Display Ideas and Tips

Craft show season is coming quick and I thought I would share a few helpful ideas for your craft show season...I've been getting quite a few questions recently.  Regardless how large or small your space is many of these tips will help.  Today's topic....TABLES.

*  Cover your tables to the floor.  This creates a clean look and you can hide your boxes, supplies, etc under the tables.   If your covering is a bit short, tape it to the table on the back side so it stays in place.
*  Keep all your table coverings the same color.  Choose a neutral color that will compliment your product.  Solid colors are the best choice, your product will often get lost on a print.
*  If you are doing a demo or standing at your booth, raise your table height.  Add pieces of PVC pipe that will slide over the table legs to lengthen them.  Mine are 14" for a convenient height.  It will ease your back strain...and at the end of the day you'll be thankful.
*  Flat sheets make good table coverings...and are very reasonably priced. 
*  Overlap table coverings if needed to cover your clutter, boxes, etc to reach the floor and cover the ends of the table.
*  If you show all year round you may want to have a couple of color choices to gear towards the season.  I have a pale green I use for Spring events and tan sheets for Fall. I also have black sheets but have found they show dirt (and dry grass) really easy so I don't use them outdoors. 
*  For a really fun look, place strings of lights on the table covering and then add another layer of organza table covering over it.  The organza is a shimmery fabric to start and the lights under it have a great holiday effect. 
*  For adding different levels, place boxes on your table and cover them with another layer of table covering (same color).  Depending on the look you are going for, tuck it under smoothly or bunch some of it up on the table.  I will often use some of the smaller boxes that I brought my product in to add height...normally at the ends of the table with the center clear so that I can handle my transactions easily. 
*  Crates are a great way to add height to your table, use several together to form a taller tower to fill with your product.  You can use them "as is" in their natural color or paint them to match your booth.  Vintage crates are fun to use and add interest.  I can't tell you how many times I could have sold my crates. 
*  Pin a banner to the front of your table with your business name.  Just keep it light weight so it doesn't pull on your covering.
*  A garland, leaves, pennant banner, etc pinned to the front help to decorate for the season, compliment your booth, and product without too being too distracting. 

I hope these are tips and ideas helpful to you.  Next time I'll be bringing you more display ideas.   

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