Friday, August 26, 2011

Show and Tell Friday

WooHoo...actually getting Show & Tell done Friday morning.  It's been hot here...really hot!  I've cleaned up and put away my saws and sanders this week because of it.  There's nothing like sweating and having sawdust stick to gross.  Until it cools off a bit they are back in the pump house. 

So what's gotten done this week?  Some porch posts, some ice skates, aisle stands for flowers, planning a couple of craft nights, chores and more.'s a witchy week I guess.  I wasn't in a bad mood...I swear.  lol

I love this witch fence.  I've been putting together a whole series of them so to speak.  You saw a few last week.  Some of the witches are on posts...because.  Let's just say you shouldn't just draw on wood, cut and hope it fits between the slats on the picket fences that were completed weeks ago.  Honest, I do have a tape measure and know how to use it...apparently, not when to use it.  Well, they're cute anyway. 

The witch on the moon piece is one I bought when Lollipops & Roses closed.  I glittered the heck out of the witch and wrote a sign to place across the piece.  I like the way it turned out.  The flash went off so it's hard to really tell it's black glitter. 

Have a great weekend.  We'll be BBQing on Saturday for some taste testing, I've got a wedding to prepare for Saturday too.  Our next contest is Labor Day weekened.  Stay cool everyone.


Vicky said...

Wonderful designs, Crystal! Love the witch that lights up!

Crystal Martin said...

Thanks, she's one of those witches I drew out on the wood and cut...and was about an inch too tall to fit on the picket fence. I have 4 of them. lol


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