Monday, March 7, 2011

NASCAR Weekend

You just gotta love it when NASCAR comes to Vegas.  The car hauler parade down the strip, meet and greets with the drivers, special appearances at various locations...the list goes on.  Once again, I spent the weekend in the infield selling ice to happy RVers with my friend, Liz.  It's long hours but tons of fun...literally, tons...I think we moved several tons of ice this weekend. 
The people staying on the infield and in the various lots outside the track start rolling in on Monday before the race.  It's amazing, the race track becomes it's own little city...okay, big city.  The people on the inside of the track are the ones we take care of.  Liz and I are in charge of making the rounds and selling ice to all these happy people.  Some of them have set-ups that will astound you.  They form little compounds with their friends, forming horseshoes of RVs with their gatherings in the center.  They set up canopies, tables, campfires, grills, bars, sound systems, and more.  They decorate with all kinds of stuff including NASCAR stuff from cardboard cut-outs of their favorite drivers, banners, flags, plants, lights, posters, and more.  They are there to have a good time. 
 RV rooftops are transformed into gathering places to watch the race.  Chairs, stools, coolers, people all on top of the RV's to get a better few of the race.   
We had a beautiful weekend, so ice sales were up.  They kept us busy for sure.  We heard the call, "Ice Lady!" countless times, some even called us "the ice fairies".  They were always happy to see us. 
I look forward to bonding with happy RV race fans again next year. 

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