Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Easy Cleaning Tip

I spoke with my mom this morning.  She said she was going to clean the grates on the stove.  A pumice stick is what she uses and made the comment that it takes hours to clean them.  I gave her this tip...which I thought I had years ago...apparently not. 
Spray your  stove top grates and your oven racks with "Easy Off", place in a large black plastic garbage bag, tie it up, throw it outside on the lawn to 'bake' in the sun.  After 30-45 minutes, open the bag and spray them off with the hose...TA-DA!!!  Shiny, like new oven racks and stove top grates. 
Mom called me at work today because she was so excited about how well it worked...not to mention all the time it saved her. 
Thought you might like this handy little hint as well.

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Little Pags Boutique said...

Wow that does sound easy...I am gonna give it a try when the sun comes out again! tee hee


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