Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is National Craft Month

That's right!  What could be better than a whole month dedicated to what I love to do the most.  Almost nothing!  Soooooo....what crafting plans to you have this month?  Do you have unfinished projects you'd like to get completed?  Would you like to try a new craft?  Maybe beading, polymer clay, or floral design.  Oooo, I want to take a painting class....yeah, that's the ticket.  How about gathering up your girlfriends for a craft night at your home.  That would be a great time for everyone!  What ever it is you want to do, set aside a couple of hours to do it.  Who knows, it could become a new creative passion in your life. 

What am I going to do?  The list is long. 
*  I want to sort though my completed inventory, box and label it so I won't be all unorganized this fall.  
*  I would like to gather a few friends for a craft night (or day).  Interested?
*  I am planning on donating excess crafting supplies to a local school or two for their art or afterschool program.   I know....I could really supply more places than that according to my hubby. 
*  I want to update my Etsy and Artfire sites with some new items that are in the works. 
*  I want to spread the love of crafting and the joy, relaxation, and satisafaction it brings to others.
*  I will be attending the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas!!!!   Love the trade floor!
*  I would like to get some ideas onto paper for some new patterns.
*  Paint!  I want to paint!
*  Cut wood.  I love the smell of sawdust.
*  I want to make a career out of crafting and sharing it with others.
*  Get my show applications completed and turned in.
*  Start putting tutorials on my know, this one you're reading right now.  ;o)

Okay, I think I need to stop for a moment and breathe....I'm getting too excited.  hehe 

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