Tuesday, March 30, 2010

National Craft Month Wrap Up

Can you believe that March has flown by so fast?  National Craft Month is just about over.  I've been busy most of my days this month doing something craft related...or tried to anyway. 

 I took on a project and have been playing with altered art (in a simple form).  Picture frames and clip boards have been my subjects mostly and I have really enjoyed making them and the finished product as well.  Paper has been flying, ripping and tearing and being sanded and glued to death.  Some are on my Etsy and Artfire sites...go purchase one please. ;o)

I've even broke down and bought some rhinstones to accent my picture frames.

So what did I do for National Craft Month?  I shared a crafting day with my friend Autumn and we painted the cutest chicken popping out of an egg.  Diane and I participated in a craft show early in the month.  In addition, I also attended the Las Vegas Crafters Guild meeting last week.  I was able to keep my space stocked at Goatfeathers. (By the way, all Easter product is now 30% off). I picked up a wholesale account.  Oh, I even spoke with the class coordinator at Joann about teaching some classes in the near future.  I did my share to keep craft stores afloat.  Please post a comment about what you've been up to for National Craft Month...I will even have a give away drawing for one of my picture frames on Saturday for all those crafty people who leave a comment on this post.  Good luck and keep crafting.


FoReVeR WeLcH said...

Crystal.... i ABSOLUTLY LOVE your stuff!!! From jens show to the web to stores i have seen it in!!! sheeesh how do you find the time!!!!

countercrafts said...

You are such a talented artist and I enjoy following your blog. Take Care and God Bless! Donna,

boobunny said...

wow that frame and clip board are wonderful

Kerrie said...

I love your creativity! Thank you for sharing!

Mary-Berth said...

I am loving the clipboards. Your work is so you.


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