Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Displays

I've not posted tips for craft shows in a while so here is a short one since craft show season is in full swing.  I know many of us make ornaments, they are a staple of many booths and for good reason...they sell well.  Displaying them can often be difficult though.  A tree gets the most attention but can take up too much space in a booth.  Consider a smaller, narrow tree that can sit on a table or display kinda up at eyesight.  You can use the tree to highlight you ornaments by placing one or two of each kind on the tree and fill small baskets with your ornament stock under the tree. You could also hang extras on hooks next to the tree.  If you have electricity, lights on your tree will always attract customers but that is not always available.

I just recently purchased a vintage looking tinsel tree to display my ornies.  It's not something I was looking for but it just really spoke to me that day.  What I do like about is that the branches are very few and they are really stiff.  Ornaments will be easily seen on the tree, the branches won't sag and it catches the light since it's 'tinsel'.  They had them in several colors but I went with the pale green one.  I think the silver one would have been great also.  For me...not the red tinsel...but it was I catching, the teal blue one was kinda cool too.
Alpine trees are great for displays as well.  They are narrow and spindily and some have the trunk showing, giving room for lots of ornaments to really stand out.  You can get them from 2 foot to 7 foot + yet they only take a small amount of floor space.  They also look great when several of them are grouped together.  Now, like many can get them pre-lit.

I have always loved the Charlie Brown tree.  How great would this look in a booth display...awesome!  It would also be a great topic of conversation because the memories it would bring back for many customers.  Add a few ornaments, a little blanket and....'ta-da'!
Also consider putting other items in/on your trees.  Dolls, Snowmen and Santas look great tucked into the branches of a tree.  I've also displayed signs and other painted items on my trees as well.  Hey, jewelry would look great on one of the tinsel trees...just saying.

Don't have lots of room?  Attach your tree to the wall.  Push all the branches to the front and ziptie or bungy your tree to the wall display you use.  Don't have walls?  Just do the same thing but with attaching it.

I've spray painted a tree black and used it for Halloween ornies and decorations as well.  A dead tree branch in a bucket is great for this as well. Just put some plaster paris or quick drying cement in a bucket to stablize the branch and weight it down. Spray paint it in your color choice for a cool, eye-catching display. 

Always try to bring your displays off the ground.  Even if using a tall tree, consider setting it on a crate or box.  Customers don't want to bend over to the floor and they oftem miss seeing items that are on the floor.  Remenber, most customers only really see things that are 2ft to 6ft off the floor.

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