Friday, November 20, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

For the last several years I've been asked to come in and draw on the whiteboards for the Thanksgiving potluck at my hubby's office.  While it all turns out nice, there is only so much you can do before you inhale too many  Timm fries up the turkeys each year...there are 7 in the fridge right now,  so I'm there to lend a hand anyway. 

This year I got a wild hair and decided to do something off to the store to get some paper.  I drew up some pieces, redrew them on large paper, painted some details on each piece, cut them out, taped them together and wa-la...6 hours later...4 holiday pieces to tape to the whiteboards for the potluck. I'll be filling in with some extra leaves, drawing with the markers, etc. 

I love the pilgrims...they look so happy.  Before you say it...I know the lady has a little 'dutch' thing going on with her hat...but I like it.

Of course, you gotta have a turkey at Thanksgiving and this guy is thankful he'll be on the wall instead of the table.  Again, he's pretty big...not going to fit in the turkey fryer anyway.
And last but not least...I thought a cornicopia would make a great addition to the mix.  This piece ended up about 5ft wide and has a billion pieces to it.  Every leaf, grape, husk is a seperate piece, and all have been painted with some shadows like all the other pieces along with some linework for detailing.  Lots of tape holding all these pieces together, I tried not to place any on the fronts but a few were needed. 
Chris (my son) gave an insightful statement..."Mom, why didn't you just paint them on wood so you could take them to one of your craft shows and sell them?"  Okay, that is a fabulous idea...but at the time I didn't think of it.  Besides, it was a last minute idea to make them anyway.  Although, he's's a great idea and my patterns are right here in front of me.  I plan to use them for our Thanksgiving as well.

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bow mom said...

so cool! you rock as usual!


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