Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting ready for craft shows

I know summer is barely starting but for crafters we are (or should be) thinking about what are going to produce for the fall/Christmas seasons. Here are a few suggestions to help get you organized and started.

· Research and review shows
· submit applications (some had to be done in Jan and Feb)
· set aside funds every week, payday, etc for expenses
· fill out your calendar
· tear apart and tape a calendar to your craft door so you can see thru the end of the year all at once
· review patterns and books – make a list of what you want to create this year – what sold best last year
· Set goals, post a clipboard, note book, etc to the door (wreath hanger and ribbon on clipboard) – keep a list of what you complete everyday.
· check supplies – what do you need, order wholesale if possible
· use coupons to purchase larger items or bolts of muslin, etc.
· after completing your items, photograph them, tag them, box them, label boxes so you know what’s in them
· make sure you inventory what you have created, number of each item, price of each item
· compile a list of what shows you are going to do and make a flyer or postcard to hand out to everyone…the more people that come to your events, the more opportunities you have to sell your items
· set aside time to craft each day, even if it’s just a short period ( I know there are days when it will be impossible, but try)
· design your booth-always try to enclose the back of your booth so your customer isn’t looking through your booth at your neighbor

This will get you started...more will come later. ;o)


Babette said...

Great to-do list! Keep up the good work.

Irene said...

Very thorough and organized show great leadership in all you do!


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