Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

It's hard to believe that my oldest son is 25 today. How did that happen? I sure don't all went by so fast. He's grown into an awesome young man that I am so proud of. It seems like yesterday he was in the NICU at the hospital. To see him today, you'd never know. He was the cutest darn baby...really. I wish I had pictures on the computer from back then.
This is my favorite pictures of him I think. He was working as staff at Del Webb High Adventure Boy Scout Camp in southern Utah. He worked on the rocks staff teaching boys to climb and rapell. This was on one of his days off, he went with a group to hike the 'Subway' in Zion National Park. What an awesome time he had those two summers. He spent 6 weeks living in a tent, eating camp food, campfires everynight, climbing and rapelling all day and enjoying life on the mountain...what more could you ask for!
He's spent most of his life involved in Scouting with his dad, brother, and me. Thanks to his dad for being there for him and hundreds of other boys as a Scoutmaster and leader over the years.

Eventually, they grow up, graduate, go to college, get a great job, meet a wonderful girl and get married. Ah, such is life.
Anyway, best wishes to you my baby boy. Happy Birthday Scott-a-roo! We all love you!


TeresaM said...

They sure do grow up fast! Happy Birthday!!!

Mary-Berth said...

You are a wonderful Mom, Crystal.


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