Monday, May 18, 2009

Cassy goes to the vet

Did I ever tell you how much me and especially my hubby love our Cassy-girl. She is something special and Timm will do just about anything for her. She has been kinda coughing for a few days and seemed like there was something stuck she was trying to cough up. Could it be part of the rib bone she stole out of the garbage a few days ago? Anyway, it isn't getting any better so a trip to the vet was made for this morning. Nothing stuck, fortunately! Lungs are clear. It's a mild case of bronchitus (loosely known as kennel cough according to the vet)...totally treatable. She received a shot of amoxicillin and an RX for the same in pill form. She doesn't like shots by the way....nor the thermometer stuck up her butt, but she did have a mild temp so I guess it was necessary. Now we love our vet but I think he is pricing himself right out of our budget. It was $170 for today's visit.
So...Cassy, along with her mommy and daddy may not get to go camping this weekend with all their friends. She loves to ride on the ATVs, camp, hang out at the campfire, and play in the water. We will have to see, her visit ate a big chunk of our trip money for this weekend.

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