Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Successful Year at Art in the Park

Gosh, I still feel like I'm recovering from Art in the Park.  It was a gorgeous weekend and the crowds came out in droves and were ready to shop. 
We filled our booth with tons of crafts including wreath, posts, blocks and lots of other great handmade items. 
We refilled the booth each morning with new stock and the end of each day it looked like a tornado went through it. 
Big thanks go out to my niece, Samantha who cam out to set up on Friday; to Diane's daughter who spent part of Friday and part of Saturday with us setting up and selling; and to my niece, Amanda who spent Sunday with us selling and tearing down.  Also big thanks to my hubby, Timm; my son Scott and his wife, Christy.  They all tore down Sunday evening and lugged stuff up the hill to the trailer...I owe you guys dinner. 
Samantha and I finished our Friday set up with lunch at the Southwest Diner.  We finished lunch with warm pie with ice cream.  MMMMMMMM
Thanks to all who shopped with us...we appreciate all of you. 

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