Saturday, February 25, 2012

February is flying by

It's been pretty busy around here lately.  Not that I feel like I'm getting anything done, but we've been busy.  We ended January in Lake Havasu at a BBQ contest.  We did okay, not great...mid pack.  There has been much talk and debate about what we are doing right...and wrong.  Today there are lots of new plans in the works for Trailhound Smokers BBQ.  We'll have to share when we get some photos uploaded. 
I pretty much gave up spring craft shows in recent years but I have two friends that are doing one each this year.  So I guess I'd better get busy and help some friends by participating.  A few extra dollars wouldn't hurt either. 
There had been lots of planing wedding florals with brides and my calendar is filling fast.  Infact, I meet with one this afternoon.  Not one wedding in January or February, but March-June is pretty packed. 
I worked at French Bouquet for Valentine's Day.  Those are some long hard hours.  I enjoy the energy, excitment and such but I'm glad that is over.  Mother's Day will be here before you know it, and it will all start over again. 
The best part of the month was 4 awesome days spent in Hope AZ riding our ATVs with friends Alan and Liz, and Dennis.  Dennis and Sally moved to Idaho several years ago and now snowbird there.  It was great to see them both, old friend Charlie and Jeannie as well.  Arizona must be good for them, they all look great are are doing well.  The Sonroan Desert around that area is amazing, and full of old mines, unique features, history and more.  I would love to go back again this spring.
I had a couple of orders from my Etsy site.  The frame pieces are doing well I am pleased to say. 
Wednesday, I was painting walls for a little girl's room.  Got a full day of climbing up and down the ladder and down on the floor in and still need to go back...I know...where are the pictures?  Anyway, after cleaning up, I headed down the stairs and about 2/3rds of the way down I slipped and tumbled the rest of the way down and hit my head on the tile floor.  Yes, apparently, I am that graceful.  I have a rug burn on my elbow, it feels bruised, I banged up my knee (and they are good to start with), landed on my butt, sprained some muscles in my back, and got a large knot on my head.  After getting up, acessing the damage, and mopping up my Sonic drink I crushed, I hobbled my way to the car and drove home.  No one saw this incredible act of gravity defying stupidity and I'd like to keep it that way.  Timm did take me to urgent care Thursday morning, nothing is broken, no concusion (although I am still dizzy when I lay down).  I was issued a muscle relaxer and pain meds that seem to be working.  Today I feel pretty good.  I need to get dressed to meet a bride later today. 
I enjoyed a day of shopping in St George with Diane last week as well, we both needed some retail therapy and did our part in helping southern Utah's ecomony.  Oh, I picked up my product from a store I just went into last month.  She is closing to due health reasons.  Didn't know anything about it until I got there.  Bummer...but I totally get it, your health comes first.
I will end my month attending the trade show at the Vegas Painting Convention.  It is so inspiring and motivating.  I could use that right now.  I always look forward to this event.   

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