Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trash to Treasure Typewriter Case

A thirft store find while shopping with Aunt Shirley, I just had to have it.  This kind of stuff is getting hard to find around here.  After a few days, I came accross a design from Shara Reiner that I really liked...especially the saying.  But you know me, I had to do it in my style.  This is the finished product. 

It's an old Smith Corona typewriter case.  It's actually painted upside know, the skinny side is actually the bottom of the case where the typewriter would be connected to.  But I thought that would be too impractical, so I flipped it over to make it the top.   The whole thing is painted black and then drybrushed  in burnt umber to pick up the texture of the case (one of my favorite parts of it by the way).  Then the design was painted, making use of the texture as well.  Last, a border of daisies was added to the sides for interest.  The whole thing was finished with 2 coats of DecoArt's Gloss Interior/Exterior Varnish for durability.  It's a great product by the way.  I think I will still wrap the handle with fabric just to top it off. 


SANDI said...

I Love it! Great job.

Barb said...

So cute Crystal!!

Crystal Martin said...

Thanks girls...I really enjoyed painting it.


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