Friday, December 10, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

My craft show season is over...thankfully.  It's been a long one this year.  Normally, I am done the week before I remember why.  I am mentally and physically done and worn out by then. 
My last event was one I've shopped at and wanted to do for several years in St. George...the Dicken's Christmas Festival.  While I had a good time, it wasn't what I expected.  The atmosphere is amazing.  The booths are decorated, lit up, and prefered to be in a Dickens village theme.  Vendors must wear costumes that are reminiscent of the period.  That was something I really stressed over.  I thought I looked cute, don't know how Dickens...but cute anyway.   
One of the gals backed out at the last minute so I had an extra 5 feet to fill.  Stressing over the whole thing, I called my best friend Diane to take her stuff with me.  Thankfully, she abliged.  Timm took Tuesday off, drove me, my stuff, the truck and toyhauler (my accomodations for 5 days) there; help me set up, got the toyhauler set up in the parking lot; enjoyed a peaceful dinner and I sent him on his way back home...along with the dogs. 
The show was full of people, I mean really full of people.  One of the fullest crowds I'd seen all season. Sadly, they were there to watch their children perform on the two stages...not really there to shop.  I swear, people ran, yes...ran, past the booths to get to the stages.  It made the 4 eleven hour days longer than they already were...and yes, I said eleven hour days.  The other girls would drop me off at the RV, I'd lock myself inside, review the days sales, and go to bed.  I'd do it all over again the next day. 
Ironically, it was started almost 30 years ago because the founders thought Christmas was getting too commercial (even back then), yet probably 85%-90% of the booths were commercial product.  A crafter has the most difficult time competing with retail product.    
Thankfully, Diane came up Friday after work, finishing the day and Saturday with me.  Timm came up on Saturday evening, bringing Diane's son.  They helped us tear down, having guys to haul stuff out is really helpful.  We spent the night and came home Sunday morning. 
A quick long day setting up, 4 longer days selling a mere fraction of what I should have, seeing more strollers in one place than I thought was possible, thankfully a fairly quick tear down, 5 nights in the toyhauler, and a lost (damaged and recovered 3 days later) cell phone, a peaceful ride home and a great nights sleep in my own bed Sunday eveing. 


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Crystal, your booth is breath taking. It is so full of beautiful things, I can't take it all in! I, too, was always glad when the craft show season was over, it was exhausting. I hope you enjoy a season of relaxing while you enjoy this wonderful CHRISTmas season.

Crystal Martin said...

Thanks Willa, only a crafter really knows how it feels. The enjoyment of it all, and the relief when it's all over.


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