Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So good to get out of town

Jan and Timm pointing us to our next destination

Woo Hoo! It was wonderful to finally get out of town. We haven't been camping since the end of January, and boy was I itching to hit the trail. Our ATV club went to the Gap Mountain area in Nevada about 165 miles north of Las Vegas. A cold front brought us scattered rain everyday (which is a treat for us around here) and very cool weather for Memorial Day (another treat for us by the way, we hit record highs of 108 the weekend prior). It was a great opportunity to try out our new rain gear, and may I say it works great! We spent 3 days riding in wide open Nevada among the sagebrush flats, pinion pine and juniper covered mountains, and everything in between. Cassy, our yellow lab, rode with us on Saturday on the back of Timm's quad...for 60 miles...she was awesome!
Here she is a the hot springs with Timm. She so wanted to get into the water after that stick but I didn't want stinky wet dog in the RV all night.

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