Monday, September 15, 2014

Loving Deco Mesh

I have been crushing on deco mesh wreaths working with it.  
Well, deco mesh and ribbon that it is...I love ribbon. 
Here are a couple designs done in different colors so you can see just how different they can look. 
I'm totally crushing on the whole black and white theme of this wreath.
Same design with this one, except purple mesh and a reverse print on the polka dot ribbon.  Amazing how different they can look.  
Another black and white wreath with an orange jack-o-lantern with light up eyes.  
A great fall wreath with metal punkin and leaves. 
Halloween is so much fun to create.  Can you tell I love polka dots too.  
Lots of fun metal and wood pieces were used to create these wreaths. 
Most of these wreaths sold at my first show, but rest assured, I am creating more for the next one. 

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