Saturday, January 18, 2014

A few Valentine wreaths

I don't normally do too much for Valentine's Day but I've had this wood heart with the word LOVE all over it since last year so I decided to do something with it finally.  

I working with this mesh stuff.  This wreath has three rounds of it in two different colors.  It's detailed with sparkly hearts and sprays along with black and white polka dot ribbon.  
I had so much fun with it I just had to make a couple more.  

I hunted down this awesome chalkboard plaque and stenciled the word LOVE on it.  It's also got a bit of sparkly ribbon and hearts around the bow for detail.  
I was only going to make two, but I also purchased this glittery Valentine word and the heart garland so I figured I better make a third one.  

This is a lighter one with the red and white striped has silver in it as well.  I finished it off with the same red hearts and sprays as the others.  
I'm trying to use all the materials this year instead of hanging on to them.  No more hearts, sprays or Valentine words to hang around. 
If you like them and your local, scoot on over to Forget Me Not's Floral and Gift at Craig and Jones.  
I can also ship them if your out of town.  Just leave me a note in the comments.  


willa croft said...

Crystal, they are all lovely and I know what you mean about using what you have on hand.


Crystal Martin said...

Thanks Willa, I have so much around here that I need to use. I've taken 3 car loads to Good Will and there is much more that needs to go that I know I will never use.


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