Monday, October 14, 2013

North to Reno

For some reason I have that song, North to Alaska in my brain this morning.  My next craft show stop...North to  We'll be at the McQueen Craft Faire in Reno this coming weekend.
This is one of the photos from last year's booth.  This year, I've added some super cute mesh wreaths.  I love making them.  It's a refreshing creative outlet that's different from what I normally do.  

These are boxed and ready for the trip.  
Here is a link to a video for this year's event. 
I still have porch posts and some new bigger pieces as well.  I love this piece!  The spider's eyes light up and has a chalk board for the days countdown.  I saw a photo of this on Pinterest and had to make my own version.  I need one for Christmas too I think.  
While I don't have as much product as I'd like to be taking, there is still lots of great items.  I was blessed to have a fantastic show at Art in the Park with record sales for me.  
Timm is making the journey with me again this year.  It's good for him, he gets to spend some quality time with his brother John.  He's taking up 8 racks of ribs and tips he smoked up for him over the weekend.  

This is my last show for the year.  Knee surgery will happen right after we get home and keep me down for a while.  However, I plan to paint windows in November and planning for next year already. 

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