Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our baby turns 26

Seriously, how did this happen?  I just don't know...hard to believe it happened right before my eyes.  I so wish I had baby pictures on my computer...but alas, only the last few years is all you get to see.  

Yeah, I know, it's not a great photo of either one of us.  Bit it's Christmas morning with no make up or hair yet. 
I'm so proud to say he's turned out to be an awesome young man!  I never had my doubts but I'm still amazed with this guy sometimes.  
He loves to camp, ride his ATV, shoot, and more.  He's also a great cook.
He'll hang out with me when no one else will.  He's cut, sanded, and painted more wood than he would care to mention.  He even painted windows with me during the holiday season.  He's an awesome welder, too.  
He's a war buff, super knowledgeable about firearms and can shoot like nobody's business.  This is a recent photo of him shooting a 535 yard shot...and he hit it several times.  
Last year, he and Bri got engaged while in Reno/Tahoe.  What a romantic guy he can be.  
Looks like a wedding this coming winter for these two.  
As a parent, you strive to raise your children to be the best people they can be.  You want them to be trustworthy, helpful, courteous, loyal, helpful, friendly, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean and reverberant...oh wait, that's all the points of the Scout Law.  I'm so proud of my Eagle Scout. 
Here's wishing our baby boy...all 280 pounds. 6 foot 4 inches of him a very happy (although this post is late) birthday!  We love you pieces! 

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