Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cassy turns 7

Our furry little girl, Cassy is 7 years old today.  She's such a huge part of our life that it's hard to imagine it without her.  
 She loves the get out and explore with us.  We got her a pair of Doggles last year that she doesn't mind wearing, as long as we're on the move.  
Of course, she relaxes at home. 
She loves to bark at and tries to destroy the sprinklers when they're running. 
 Loves the comforts of home like her toys....and the couches...and our bed.
Goes to barbecue contests with us, we even got her a bed of her own (which she seldom uses). 
She goes most places with us...definitely one of the family. 
Happy birthday Cassy!  We love you.

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