Monday, October 1, 2012

Our 30th

Time flies when you're having fun is what they say.  I don't know how 30 years went so fast, that's for sure.  It's been quite a journey with lots of adventures, fun, struggles and joy along the way. 
We've been blessed with two wonderful boys that we've put our heart and soul into.  So much of our lives have been about them.  I stayed home to raise them and am proud to say they have never spent a day in daycare.  I know that is not possible for many parents, and I need to say we sacrificed a lot to make that happen.  It's not something easy to do that's for sure, and I had the good fortune to have my parents and Timm's parents there to lend a helping hand (and advise) when needed.  Scott married a wonderful gal, Christy 4 1/2 years ago.  Chris has been dating Bri for a year now.  They both have great gals.
We've been through lots of activities and hobbies.  Timm was one ranked 3rd in the state in archery and traveled for several tournaments.  I tried it, I wasn't good at it.  He gave that up when our boys hit Cub Scout age and we gave 17 years, time, money, vacations and vehicles to the Scouting program.   I wouldn't change a bit of it though...good program, good values, good people.  I know we touched countless lives through packs, troops, crews and training. For me, crafting and painting has been a constant through out the years and continues to be a source of income and pleasure for me. 
We've always been outdoor people.  We love camping, hiking, exploring, and more.  We got our first ATVs 10 years ago.  In fact, Timm surprised me with mine for our 20th anniversary.  We've had a great time with them and have met some great people there too.   It looks like we'll be heading to the Moab area in December for our anniversary trip. 
Our immediate plans are tied up in BBQ competitons and will be traveling to Bentonville Arkansas this month for the Sam's Club National Finals. 
Happy anniversary Timm, I love you more than life itself and look forward to growing old with you in a life full of love, family and adventure.

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