Saturday, July 30, 2011

Show and Tell Friday

Yeah, yeah, I's Saturday.  But I've been busy don't you know.  I've picked up a position as florist at an event venue for weddings and I've met with 4 brides over the last week and a half.  No bridezillas so far.  
I've also been to cutting wood in the morning and evenings when it is halfway tolerable outside.  I've got plenty to paint for a day or two.  This ghost is a blend of retail and handmade.  I got the BOO from the store when it closed.  It was actually a double sided, free standing piece.  I tore it apart and what you see here is the back side letters.  I took them apart, re-attached them in layers to a ghost I cut and painted for them, added some garland and...tadaa...a super cute piece for Halloween.  I get double for my money on the BOO, and totally changed the piece.  I cut four ghosts so far, I need to cut eight more.  Each is it's own unique character, making them all one of a kind...sorta. 
Friday, I went back to orthopedics for my knees.  We are getting authorization for gel injections for both of them.  This is a 3 injection process I am kinda anxious about (I've heard they're painful but my threshold and tolerance is pretty high) but I've cortisone injections for about 5 years now along with having both knees scoped (one twice).  In the mean time, I got a round of a different cortisone shots yesterday and they feel fabulous today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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