Friday, July 15, 2011

Show and Tell Friday

Did you ever wonder if you were going to see another Show & Tell Friday from me again?  I was.  Since I am not working at the store anymore I am finding time to paint a few things between some much needed deeper cleaning and upkeep around here.  I painted two of these french buckets this week...even got a pattern packet written up for it.  I forgot how long that takes, but I am pretty detailed on directions.   I also painted up two mini chests these two mini chests last week for a friend.  I like the way they turned out.  Originally, they had some teacup theme silkscreened onto them...much better now.  Have a great weekend everyone, I'll see you again next week.


Barb said...

So Cute Crystal!
Where can I buy the pattern?
Enjoy your weekend,

Crystal Martin said...

I'm putting up on Etsy this week. I just love him!


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