Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new job

I used to work at this adorable shop called Lollipops & Roses several years ago.  It was full of wonderful gifts geared towards women, babys, flowers and homemade treats and goodie baskets.  However; as the economy started to waiver, they made cut backs and I volunteered to leave so one of the other girls wouldn't be cut. 
As the economy worsened, tough decisions had to be made.  The adorable shop of 5000 square feet was to be no more.   Their current florist sub-leased the store from the orginal owner and was moved to a smaller location down the street to just 1200 square feet. I never went into the new store....until......

It's a sad, ugly story...but the outcome is the old owner has returned and taken the store back.  I received a frantic call just 9 days before Christmas asking me to come and be her florist and try to pick up what pieces could be found.  Sooo, that's where I've been since December 17th. 

Now, I have to tell you...I did think about looking for part time work to fill in the holes around here.  I have to admit...I'm tired of just squeaking by.  (Fortunately, my hubby has a great job, it's just getting hard to get by on one income anymore.) I even filled out applications for JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby.  Guess they didn't call me for a reason. 
These flowers went to a 90 years young gal last week for her birthday.  It was gorgeous!  I sure hope she enjoyed them.  It was a real pleasure to create this arrangement for her.   Just glad I wasn't the one to deliver it, it was heavy and tall (45") and filled with 90 roses. 

Please help us spread the word, Lollipops & Roses will be coming back to it's former glory (although smaller scale).  If you need flowers, white chocolate popcorn or a gift for someone special please visit us in Las Vegas at the corner of Sunset Road and Annie Oakley.  Look for us on Facebook, like us, and watch for us to rise from the ashes.  :0)

You'll probably find some of my creations there are well.

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