Friday, June 25, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Wow, it's been a long time since I had show and tell.  While in Phoenix last week I was pleased to complete about 2 dozen or so screen paintings, all I need to do is get them framed this weekend and they will be done.  I'm working on some yard stakes right now...butterflies, ladybugs, flowers and flamingos, yes I said falmingos.  I thought my mom would fall off her chair when I told her about them.  She told me how tons of people in Florida really have them in their yards.  I think they are hysterical. 
If you're in Vegas, stop by the Crafter's Guild Summer Boutique at West Sahara and Cimmeron.  It's in the church, Our Lady of Las Vegas I think is the name.  Lots of creative quality work will be on display and for sale.  Support and buy 'hand made', it's worth it.  I donated 2 items since I'm not participating.
Also, I attended a meeting last night for the Etsy group, Handmade in Vegas.  There were quite a few of us there, which is good.  We made origami cranes.  They will be sent to the gulf in support of the wildlife cleanup efforts.  I'm not in on all the details, but I believe they will be sold to raise funds.
Anyway, lots going on around here and am getting into craft mode to prepare for fall shows.  Please, if I slow down...kick me in the butt to get moving again please.  I also need to get my Arts A Flutter submissions done this weekend as well.  Guess I'd better get moving.
Have a great weekend everyone. 

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