Friday, December 18, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

It's been a couple of weeks and I really want to get back to Show & Tell Friday.  I've been up to my ears baking this week, the tree was actually decororated last week.  Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.  The elf is a Gaye Shoell piece I did in one of her all her stuff...and I have lots of it.  Well, less than I used to have.  When Cassy was a puppy she got under the bed and chewed the up some of my larger pieces...I love her anyway.  The icicle snowman is an original piece of mine that will be a pattern next year.  I stocked up on the vintage spindle so I'll plenty to make for next year.
I'm not a real nutcracker fan but I just adore this old man sking.  I painted two of them for Timm and myself one year.  I think the boys got toy soldier nutcrackers that year too for their ornaments.  Anyway, I think its the drybrushing that picks up the details that I really like about him. You can see the back of him in the next photo.  Hey look, a Prim Mart ornie swap piece in the background.

I absolutley love all my Debbie Mitchell ornaments.   I have a bunch of them, probably 20 or more, I've never ever really counted them.  Lots of details in their clothes and layers to their fur.  That is what makes them so awesome.  I still have about a 100 or so wood blanks to paint of many of these little year...I've been saying that for years now.  Wow, a nylon soft sculpture stocking girl...that's an old one.  I like the polar bear wrapping a present too...Rebecca Carter design I do believe.
I bought this icicle Santa years ago from Juanita Denton at the craft show at Nellis Air Force Base.  It tried to buy a piece from her each year.  Her work is so incredible.  The cute snowman head is super glittery (although it doesn't show up that way) and is from the Prim Mart ornie swap a couple of years ago.  I've missed the last couple of them...lots of work but you get some really cool ornies in exchange for yours.  Well, these are just a few of my favorites.  More to follow in a few days.
You know, it's just like the Hallmark commercial with the people reminisicing about their ornies, the memories and more...only all the ones on our tree are handmade.  I know each and every one of them is full of love.  I relinquished Scott's ornaments to him this year, it was harder for me to do than I figured it would be.  He's 25 and married now and I made him Boy Scout promise that he would take care of them with the utmost care...or I'm taking them back.  Chris doesn't get to keep his yet...just borrow them for his tree...I still have many of his on our tree too.  I can't give up the paper ones their made in preschool and grade school, those are mine. I continue this tradition for all the nieces and nephews in my family each year.  I hope they will all treasure theirs for years to come.

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The Old Cupboard Door said...

Crystal those are great ornies. I can see why they are special to you. I love the Santa icicle.

Christmas Blessings.


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