Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Works in Progress

Craft show season has snuck up on me this year. I've been slow to get things done for some reason. During the spring I had a hysterectomy and it took longer for me to heal than least what I expected. It was'nt like having my children by c-section, it was a lot harder. Anyway, I think it really slowed me down this year. So now I starting to work like a mad woman on projects. Here is some of what I'm working on lately.

I've been through my rag quilt phase. I've completed about a dozen or so of them. Sold several at a summer show, have several more that just need washing so I guess I'm almost done with that phase.

My last set of projects have been screen paintings. What is that you say? These designs are painted on solar screen. Lots of snowmen and pumpkins are running a muck around here. Some have been framed while others are looking for frames to call home.

I've been working on ornaments...not as many as I should have been working, but the ones I do have completed are adorable. These two are my own design that I've not made in several years. They've been updated with fleece and I really like them.

Everyone loves snowmen but I also really like Santas too. There are lots of people that collect Santa's and have some truly awesome ones. Let's hope they like this little guy to hang on they're tree this year.

I'll be at several craft shows this fall...not as many as last year though. Being cautious this year. When you see me, stop, say 'hi', and buy.

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