Friday, February 13, 2009

Today, I am a sign painter...

Now, I paint signs and word boards all the time. But I have to tell you I never thought it would lead to this.

What a week it's been. I was commissioned to paint a sign on the side of a building in Boulder City for the diner that was moving to a larger location (can you guess which one?) I started painting last Friday, got rained out. Went over on Saturday, got some of the bottom row of checkerboard on, got rained out in a big way. Got all my stuff picked up and in the car, took one more look and all the red was running down the side of the building. GEEESSHH! So I scrubbed off all my work for the day and drove home soaked to the bone. I spent the rest of my day under my minky blanket crocheting.

Sunday was a good day though. I got all of the stuff up on the wall without much delay. Rain spit off and on all day, really threatened a few times, cold, cloudy, and windy but at least the wind helped the paint to dry. I was on the scaffolding until 6:30pm painting in the dark and cold but at least it was up on the wall. My fingers were so cold I could barley feel them. I was stiff and cold for sure. Timm said I didn't even move all night.

Thursday between the storm clouds I finished all the details to create some depth and dimension and TAH-DAH! Here it is finished! I really need to get a better photo, these are with my phone. The details don't show up at all in the pictures. My car helps to give you an idea of how big it truly is.
And yes, I was up and down this scaffolding what seemed to be about a million times. Dropping tape, pencils, standing back to look, get another paint, up to the top, down and off to the bathroom, lunchtime, climb up to the top again...well, you get the picture.
All the work is by hand...mostly free handed. The owner loves it and I have to say I feel pretty good about it. If you're in Boulder stop by and have's pretty tasty.

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bow mom said...

WOW! We'll have to drive up there just to take a peak! Great job


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