Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A baking day

Sunday's weather was cold and yucky, unlike the gorgeous day Saturday. It was a day to crank up the oven. The kids and family
had devoured the last batch of cinnamon rolls and have been asking for more. So pull out the flour bin Crystal and get your butt in gear. I made two large batches of cinnamon rolls, took most of the day by the time the dough rises, knock it down, let it rise again, roll it out, layer on the butter and cinnamon, roll, cut, rise again, and bake...oh, and glaze. But boy are they worth it. YUMMY!
First batch was the normal Grandma Martin size (5"-6"), second batch I made smaller (3"-4")...anyway, about 150 rolls later the freezer is full of yummy homemade goodness again! These are the smaller ones.


bow mom said...

I'll be right over for a taste test. My phone died earlier. Still is not alive.

My Big Mouth said...

150 wow and they look so yummy!
Hello,I found your blog through Primmart.I joined the community about a month back.I just joined as your follower.
Btw,I love your dolls!

Crystal Martin said...

Yes, they are so yummy. Thanks so much for the kind words. You'll love's awesome! I love the dolls, working on some really neat ones right now.


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