Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slow Craft Show & Old Tires...Not a good combination

This crazy group of gals are members of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild that participated in the show along with a handful of other ladies. The two gals in the front of the zaniest of us all...they are so fun!

Last weekend a small group of women from a 'meet-up' group got together and held a craft show. Although we had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time with and getting to know each other better the over all success of the show was not what we had all hoped for. Sales were extremely slow. It was held at a car dealership. They have a community room there anyone can use for free. The room was not the problem, it's the fact that the dealership is new and in a location that is difficult to get to. There are only 2 dealerships on that road.
Here are some of my dollies that were for sale at the show. I did sell one to another vendor for her daughter. Infact, she bought the blonde one in the picture below.
Now I know my trailer needs new tires....but hey, I fugured I could get accross town and back with no problem...WRONG! I was heading home Saturday night and all of a sudden...POW!..tire tread was flying everywhere. I pulled off the freeway at the next exit to examine the damage. Just the tread seperated from the tire so it was still holding air. Since I had no spare with me (it had blown another tire just a few weeks ago while my son took it camping....but hey...that a story for another day) I decided I had to try toget it home, so back on the freeway I go (slowly). I decided to head to Walmart to get it fixed...they were locked up tight in the garage I hobbled it home the next 14 miles at 30 miles an hour down Boulder Highway to Lamb to home. I was pretty concerned about losing the rest of the tire...but hey...what else was I supposed to do. I had to get the trailer home....I know it was a stupid move on my part...but I kept praying all the way home and God made sure I got there...Thank you. I will need to get new tires before I go out again.

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