Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a hectic life

Let me just first of all I am a real do-it-yourselfer and love to save money. Life around here has been crazy since the new year started. I decided the carpet was outta here and bought wood laminate flooring off Craigs List. My hubby said lets paint the walls first. I found free paint on Craigs List from a local paint contractor. I decided they needed to be textured before painting them (by the way, I've never done that before), then the ceiling looked terrible so we had to paint them. Tearing up the carpet was a horendous (is that spelled right) job. Thank you boys for doing that for mom and dad...but you could've covered up the computer at least. It is disgusting what is under carpet. Weeks later there is still micro-dust everywhere. We've replaced all the lights in the living room, kitchen, and dining room along with the ceiling was only 25 years old...did it really need to be retired....YES! The new one is so quiet I don't even realize it's running. The walls are looking awesome by the way. I used a burnt sienna/rusty red color in the dining room and a camel in the living room. Today, the floor is still not down, and I still need to texture the hallway so I can complete the painting. We finally just put down a couple of layers of paint on the floor so we could go barefoot. It kinda echoes in here, need to get curtains back up and an area rug to absorb some sound. Of course, I will be making them. I guess I need to quit sleeping.

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