Friday, March 14, 2008

Life Goes On

Things may get back to normal around here...maybe...waht ever normal is anyway. Funeral services are over for my mother in law. It was really beautiful and well put together. All 8 grandsons were the pallbearers, all the sons spoke, including my hubby. I asked God to give him strength to get through it and he did a wonderful job. He get so emotional when speaking about people and things he is very passionate his mom. Scouting is another passionate subject of his...but that's for another day.

My mom and aunt have taken care of arrangements for my grandma. Her wishes were to be cremated, a small memorial service will be held in April when her other daughter can make it down here from Oregon. It's has really been an emotionally draining week, and I'm ready for it to be over.

I'm still stripping flooring...I don't know who the bigger retard is...the guy who actually stained over laminate flooring...or me, the one taking it all off just to save some money. Ok, I think it might actually be me. I have about 3/4 of it done, will need to finish the rest today 'cuz we are having a flooring party on Saturday. Our kids are coming over to help lay the flooring, we're cranking up the smoker for the pork butt and brisket, and my parents will be here for dinner. I am so eady for this project to be done. Still need to finish the hallway and one wall in the living room but I can do that after the floor is down. The flooring is the part that's driving me crazy!

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