Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gone So Long....Busy

WOW, I seriously can't believe it's been sooooo long since I posted on my blog.  Life has gotten busy and time passes quickly.
I babysit 36 hours a week for my grandson, Alex.  I know I'm partial, but holy moly he is adorable.

We have loads of fun and it's just amazing watching him grow and change. 

Our barbecue business is growing and changing as well.  It's been growing by leaps and bounds in the last year.  So much Timm is considering leaving Martin Harris.  He is in his 40th year with the company so this is a seriuos decision....a scary, exciting decision.  
We just hosted our 7th annual Spring BBQ at our home.  About 250 folks came out on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, ate tons of yummy barbecue prepared by many great volunteer hands, and donated generously to benefit K9s for Warriors.  It was an amazing day.  

I'm also still busy crafting up a storm...when possible.  I've fallen in love with deco mesh wreaths and have added them to my product line.  
Last fall, I started teaching classes in my workshop.  It's been a lot of fun to get back into teaching craft classes.  Students have created lighted porch posts for several holidays, snowmen, arrows, scarecrows, and more.  

Craft shows have been really good the last two years.  I sell at three big shows in the fall.  The Harvest Festival, Art in the Park, and McQueen Craft Faire.  I still do the show here at my workshop.  With the barbecue stuff growing, we expanded the kitchen so using the workshop was out of the question (since I use the kitchen).  I bought two 10x20 party tents with sides to use in the courtyard.  Well, horrible winds blew through Vegas the night before everyone came to set up and totally destroyed the tents.  But I perseverred and went and purchased 3 more 10x10s canopies and added them to the 2 I already had.  Thankfully, the winds died down and it was a great show.  

Well, that's enough for now...I promise to myself to try to keep up with this blog.  

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