Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bad news...Good news

Fifteen years ago I had one of my knees scoped for the first time.  I was 35.  Ten years later I had both of them scoped at 45...on my birthday.  It was a great birthday gift for me.  There have been countless shots of cortisone for all these years.  I tried the gel shots as well.  They are all a temporary fix that relieve the pain.  Don't get me wrong...I actually look forward to them and the relief they bring. They just aren't lasting anymore.
This week I went to see my orthopedist...not just go in for the shot clinic.  I received good news and bad news.  Bad news...the cartilage is so damaged in my knees they are now bone on bone with bone spurs as well.  I knew I had to be getting close to that point.  Good knees are to the point that I am a candidate for knee replacement.  I don't know if I'll get anymore shots before surgery...he didn't say anything about it.  I'll need to ask.

So the paperwork now begins for approval and scheduling.  It's looking like mid October before anything happens. It could be worse, my mom had to wait five months to get scheduled for her replacements, and they would only do one at a time.  I'll be getting both done at the same time.  
Hopefully, I will get my three biggest craft shows complete before that happens, and make enough money from them to pay all my bills through the end of the year.  I normally do 6-8 shows.  It also appears that our BBQ competitions for the year are over as well with this diagnosis...another bummer.
I feel as though I have missed out on a large portion of my life because of these dang knees.  I've always been one to want to know what's over the next hill.  I've not been able to do that in a long time. When I can't even make myself get out of the car to go into the craft store there is seriously something wrong...and I know I'm just not being wimpy about the whole thing.  I have a high tolerance for pain and I'll get through all this and be out exploring and seeing what's over the next hill again beginning next year.

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Barb said...

Sorry to hear Crystal...but once you get it done watch out! No keeping you down.
Wishing you a quick surgery date and even quicker healing time!
Thinking of you,


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